The network consists of researchers interested in researching and developing the translation perspective on organizational change processes. The perspective represents a promising alternative to how organizational change processes are theorized in implementation science, strategy – and policy-implementation,  IT-implementation, diffusion of innovations and design theory. The translation perspective is highly relevant in relation to understanding change processes and/or solving “high impact” problems related to socio-technical change of organizations.

The network has studied how innovative ideas travel and are translated as they are implemented in organizations. Focusing on how concepts like LEAN, BPR, clinical pathways and risk-management systems are implemented in practice, as well as on how management work might be seen as a design process characterized by ongoing translation processes. Outcomes of the collaboration are a research seminar in “translation studies” held at RUC in april 2015, acceptance of a translation track at The European Academy of Management (EURAM) conference in Paris 2016 (labelled “Next Management Theory) and acceptance of track about translation at the yearly Norwegean Conference for Organizational Researchers (NEON) November 2016. The future plans of the network include publishing a special issue as well as a book.