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The robust organisational translation network consists of researchers interested in researching and developing the translation perspective on organizational change processes. The perspective represents a promising alternative to how organizational change processes are theorized in implementation science, strategy – and policy-implementation,  IT-implementation, diffusion of innovations and design theory. The translation perspective is highly relevant in relation to understanding change processes and/or solving “high impact” problems related to:

  • Implementation of socio-technical systems – for example new IT-supported solutions in health care or total IT- and communication solutions in companies.
  • The diffusion of innovative concepts and ideas
  • Policy- and strategy implementation
  • Implementation of evidencebased knowledge in practice in the health care and social sector
  • Movement of research based knowledge from universities to companies in order to create economic growth, wellfare and jobs.
  • Design processes where people work proactively and futureoriented with creating something new.


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John Damm Scheuer, associate professor, MIT/CBIT
Peter Hagedorn Rasmussen, associate professor, MIT/CBIT
Birgit Jæger, associate professor, DN/ISG

* Kjell Arne Røvik, professor, The Arctic University of Norway
* Dimitri Spyridonidis, Lecturer in leadership, Henley Business School/Imperial College Business School
* Jostein Langstrand, Senior Lecturer, Linköping University
(These are the most important partners. The network however have 12 other members who are participants but have not been involved in the planning of the networks activities. The total number of participants/researchers in the network is 18)


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