Future Zone

Future Zone
• Developing methods that facilitate change and strategic thinking in organizations
• Understanding complex situations in order to face the future
• Using future-oriented perspectives and complexity theory to manage the uncertainty of complex situations

To build the capacity to take future challenges into consideration and to shape the future.

The design of a theoretical model regarding change, certainty and complexity. The model includes framing the usual opposite notions: change/static, certainty/uncertainty and complexity/simplicity.

The development of methods for the facilitation of change. We focus on the use of visual artefacts to enrich communication in organizations and methods that capture different scenarios of the future.

Focus areas
The project covers two areas :
*Aesthetics, experience and learning 
*Design as a scientific method 

Action research, design based research, visual methods, multimodal discourse analysis.

The project will include collaboration with companies on cases, such as about workshop facilitation, design for the future and organizational strategy. Furthermore, the project will offer workshops with affiliated partners to share knowledge and ideas for mutual inspiration.

*Anita Mac, Associate professor; Management In Transition; CBIT; RUC
*Other project participants at RUC are welcome

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