Book: Situated Design Methods

The book manuscript ‘Situated Design Methods’ has been handed over to MIT Press and is now in the process of publishing.

The book introduces a variety of design methods across disciplines and fields, has a transdisciplinary approach and argues that situatedness is a premise for design.

The book consists of four sections:

1. Methods for Projects

2. Methods for Aesthetic Experiences

3. Methods for Collaborative Processes

4. Methods for Sustainability:


Editors of the book
*Jesper Simonsen
*Connie Svabo
*Morten Herzum
*Sara Malou Strandvad
*Kristine Samson
*Ole Erik Hansen

The book is a follow-up to Design Research: Synergies from Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Routledge, 2010.
Read more about the book, that has just gone to press here: ‘Situated Design Methods’ – a success going to print, and see pictures from the finished manuscript-reception: Book reception: Celebrating finished manuscript.


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