Robust OrganisationsDesign – ROD

*What do researchers and practitioners know about designing robust organisational change?
*What does robustness actually mean? To be resilient? To be agile and flexible? Or…
*How do we create more robust organizationel change processes?
*Interested in participating in dialogue and knowledge creation? Then join our network !

The network is in the area of development and design of socio-technical systems. Our aim is to establish a platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing between researchers and practitioners about robust organisational and socio-technical change.


The project is relevant for anyone interested  in robust organisational and sociotechnical change, and the aim is to be the first Danish network for robust organisational and socio-technical change.


*Knowledge sharing and development

*Network building

*3 – 4 meetings per year

*Making a book with research based knowledge about robust organisational and socio-technical change


Reflective practitioners and Researchers working professionally within the area of Design of Robust Organizational Change.

Steering Committee and initiators

*Peter Hagedorn Rasmussen, Associate professor; Management in Transition; CBIT, RUC

*John Damm Scheuer, Associate professor; Management in Transition; CBIT; RUC

*Jan Pries-Heje, Professor; User-driven IT Innovation; CBIT; RUC

*Keld Bødker, Associate professor, User-driven IT Innovation; CBIT; RUC

*Steen Elsborg, Partner in the firm ”Læringsdrevet Innovation”

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