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Design of MOOC

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Lisbeth Frølunde and Bojana Romic identified the need to perform a small-scale feasibility study in order to map out and determine how a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) could be designed specifically for a project entitled Narrative Seeds. The primary goal was to make an overview of available MOOCs as input into further design process with four European youth media partners in Narrative Seeds (in spring 2015), and a subsequent reapplication in 2016. Recommendations about MOOCs are in line with traditions of critically exploring the pedagogical use of a variety of technologies, materials and approaches at RUC.

The objectives of the feasibility study on MOOCs are:

  • Locating RUC’s position, roles and needs in regard to producing and hosting a MOOC.
  • Determining the most suitable MOOC for RUC (and Narrative Seeds partners) (e.g. Coursera, edX, Udacity…)
  • Considering the practical challenges (such as hosting, cost, producing instructional content, copyright, type of contracts, etc.)


Project team

Published 2015-06-17 at 11:29 - No Comments

* Lisbeth Frølunde, Associate professor, DK/CBIT
* Jørgen Lerche Nielsen, Associate professor, DK/CBIT
* Mette Wichman, PhD Student / Part-time Lecturer, DK/CBIT
* Sanne de Fine Lich Raith, PhD Student / Part-time Lecturer, CBIT

* Bojana Romic, Ph.D. Independent researcher, Denmark (on maternity leave)
* Karen Siercke, Librarian, CEO at Hygge Factory, Denmark (on maternity leave)
* Irene White, Lecturer, Dublin City University, Ireland
* Mikkel Hvidtfelt Andersen, Librarian, Denmark (prev. RUB, now at ITU)
* Charles Autheman, CEO at Labo des Histories Paris, France
* Sean Love, CEO at Fighting Words, Dublin, Ireland
* Francesca Frediani, CEO at La Grande Fabbrica delle Parole, Milano, Italy


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