Sketchbook and Italian drawings

by Roligen T. Thirstrup

We have previously shown a video about the Italian drawings by our associate professor Bjørn Laursen. Now we have an english version of the video in honor of our english speaking members, and especially to those members who have not yet seen the previous video.

An artist’s three worlds

The video informs the viewer of Italian drawings and the creation of Sketchbook and it begins with Bjørn Laursen confiding his fascination with drawings. In the video we see a short clip of Bjørn Laursen engrossed in sketching in an Italian setting.

”There are three worlds involved when we are discussing and exercising the phenomena of drawing. One world is the sourounding world, we are always in this world. And the second world, is the representation of the sourounding. And these two worlds are brought together when we start to work on the third world, which is the picture plan.(red.)” Bjørn Laursen explains.

Italian drawings must be experienced with other dimensions

Bjørn Laursen also refers to paleolith drawings on cavewalls which is expirienced in a different way than flat illustration books. The idea of the Sketchbook project, which is one of the Experience Lab‘s many projects, is in a way comparable to the idea with cave paintings. One will have to use their entire body to experience the sketches shown in the Sketchbook. Using projectors, sensors and programs enables a user to browse in the Sketchbook which is a digital as well as a larger version of one or more traditional sketchbooks.

Our DHT researcher Henning Christiansen also appears in the video in which he explains the applications for the Sketchbook. As an example the Sketchbook can be an installation in museums and schools.

See more in the video below.

Video by Mads Folmer



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