Design of working life in project work

About the project

Researchers from CBIT studying agile project management and researchers from ENSPAC studying ‘time environments’ in workspaces have entered into a research collaboration on ‘Designing a better time environment in project work’. The initiative for this research was taken by Vibeke Kristine Scheller (ENSPAC), Jan Pries-Heje (CBIT) & Helge Hvid (ENSPAC). Subsequently, several faculty members from the two institutions involved in the collaboration.

The project’s focus

The group will develop an interdisciplinary research that examines the interaction between physical space, technology solutions and social relations with the project work’s time environment as the focal point. Research questions are:

• How can projects be organized so that it support a better time environment?

• What processes, activities and actors promotes the development of better time environments in project work?

Results of the project

The research group launched its activities in December 2014, with a case study in the administration of a medium-sized Danish municipality. The preliminary results of this case study is a paper to the Danish Project Management Research Conference. This paper will be published as a scientific article with the title: ‘Fast or smart? How the use of Scrum can influence the temporal environment in a project.’

In June 2015 the research group will commence the developing of a project application to the Research Council of Social sciences and Businesses.


* Helge Hvid, professor, ALIV/ENSPAC
* Jan Pries-Heje, professor, UDI/CBIT
* Kristine Scheller, research assistant, ALIV/ENSPAC

* Keld Bødker, UDI/CBIT
* Sidsel Grosen, ALIV/ENSPAC
* Peter Hagedorn Rasmussen, MITRAN/CBIT
* Henrik Lund, ALIV/ENSPAC

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