Designing Human Technologies has in collaboration with other institutions organized conferences over the years, and will continuously facilitate danish and international highly academic events.

Down below is a list of upcoming aswell as completed conferences organized by researchers affiliated with Designing Human Technologies.



WP 8.4: Fluid States – Fluid Sounds, 18.-21. juni 2015
Status: To be organized by RUC/CBIT
Responsible: Sanne Krogh Groth and Kristine Samson


WP 8.3: DASTS’14, RUC, d. 12.-13. juni 2014, Theme: Enacting Futures. (Danish conference with international key-notes)
Status: Held and organized by RUC.
Responsible: Sara Malou Strandvad


WP 8.2: SCIS/IRIS’37 (2014), Sørup Herregaard, Ringsted, Theme: Designing Human Technologies.
Status: Held and organized by RUC/CBS
Responsible: Jan Pries-Heje


WP 8.1: PDC’2012.
Status: Held and organized by RUC/CBIT d. 12-16. august 2012
Responsible: Jesper Simonsen


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