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  • Elektroniske overblikstavler bliver mobile
  • Clinical Communication

Clinical Communication

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The Clinical Communication project focuses on developing electronic whiteboards and their associated work practices. The vision is that information infrastructures, such as integrated whiteboards, will support coordination between clinical departments, and this may drastically improve patient flow, patient treatment, and shared care. The project is based on prior research within effects-driven optimization, also known as Effects-Driven IT Development (http://www.effectsdrivenit.dk).

The project aims at supporting local clinical practices analyzed through ethnographic, participatory design, and action research approaches. Another aim is to provide clinicians with competencies to utilize the technology, and to co-construct needed local and global protocols and standards of this information infrastructure by engaging them in participatory design and effects-driven optimization. The results are planned to be scaled and disseminated to the large implementation of the Epic system that will take place during 2016-2017 in Region Zealand and the Capital Region of Copenhagen.



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