Encountering Materiality: Becoming Sheep, Becoming Animal

A DHT researcher and an artist did a joint performance presentation titled Becoming Sheep, Becoming Animal at the international conference Encountering Materiality – Transdisciplinary Conversations, held in Geneve, Schwitzerland, June 23-25 2016.

The conference asked for presentations in unconventional and experimental formats, and as a response to this Artist Charlotte Grum and DHT-researcher, Associate Professor Connie Svabo from Performance Design, Roskilde University, did a performance presentation titled Becoming Sheep, Becoming Animal.

The performance presentation was a reenactment of a project carried out by artist Charlotte Grum, where she attached herself to a sheep, 5 days a week for 5 weeks, and walked the Danish heath landscape as a human-nonhuman animal assemblage. Charlotte Grums art project is part of a cultural historical exploration of the life of Jomfru Rist, who lived in solitude in the Danish heath landscape 150 years ago. The exploration was exhibited at Kunstpakhuset Ikast with the group exhibition ”Efterkommere”.

The enacted performance presentation Becoming Sheep, Becoming Animal broke with the conventional academic conference format by introducing scenographic and dialogic elements into the conference format. The researcher and artist enacted parts of the art project,  including passages where the researcher voiced the perspective of the sheep ’number 2’, which Charlotte Grum worked with for 5 weeks.

The performance presentation relates to Connie Svabo’s research on experience, design and mediation with focus on nature and environment, and to the forthcoming bookchapter “Environmental Performance: Framing Time”, coauthored with DHT researchers Anja Lindelof and Ulrik Scmidt, to be published by Routledge in the edited volume “Experiencing Liveness in Contemporary Performance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”.

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