IDEAS CITY Conference

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Lisbeth Frølunde participated in IDEAS CITY conference and events, held with the New Museum and Cooper Union in New York City. Her interest was the trans-disciplinary visions of the future city, design innovations, and inspiration for teaching. Thanks to DHT for partial funding.

The first day out of three was held at Cooper Union with lectures and films. Two prominent Danes were among the speakers (architect Bjarke Ingels and politician Connie Hedegaard). Friday and Saturday festival events were distributed across several sites in NYC, many with focus on participants developing their designs and/or ideas about the future of cities. The full program can be viewed here.

Highlights from the conference:

Maps for The Invisible City
Panel Discussion: Maps for The Invisible City talk with Steve Coast, William Rankin, and Laura Kurgan (moderator).
The main topic was how making a map is an inherently political act. Maps document the unfamiliar and invisible; they not only document the organization of physical space, but shape its future form. Cartography was discussed as ancient, yet undergoing unprecedented change. Interesting questions were raised to the topic such as: who draws them, who owns them, and who has access? Cartography was seen having potential as a form of activism in the twenty-first century.

See examples made by the panelists – OSM (open street maps) started by Steve Coast, here. William Rankin reconstructs and plays with standards for mapping, see here.

Make No little plans
Conversation between architect Bjarke Ingels (BIG), and science-fiction novelist Kim Stanley Robinson: Make No Little Plans: A CONVERSATION IN TWO PARTS: Part 1. Toward A Plausible Utopia. Fantastic dialogue about design processes and change. Watch their conversation here.

OECD Round Table for Sustainability
Conversation between Rohit Aggarwala Professor, Columbia University and Connie Hedegaard ,OECD Round Table for Sustainability Make No Little Plans: A CONVERSATION IN TWO PARTS: Part 2. Policy and The Invisible City. Watch their conversation here.

Seeing Through the Noise
The keynote by Professor Lawrence Lessig entitled Seeing Through the Noise Lessig’s central idea is the value of equality in relation to networks and the modern discomfort with the notion of equality. His speech starts at 9 min. of video (after intro by Lisa Phillips, New Museum director and host Joseph Prema), watch here.


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