Fluid sounds conference

Kastrup Søbad at Amager

Kastrup Søbad at Amager

In two weeks researchers in the fields of performance studies and sound studies will participate in the conference ‘Fluid Sounds’. Fluid Sounds is an experimental conference working with aesthetic knowledge production and new media technologies and is organized by DHT researchers Sanne Krogh Groth and Kristine Samson.

The first day consists of site-specific keynote lectures and performances while the rest of the conference is focused on the participants developing their own audio papers which will be presented and published.

Site-specific program: Lectures and performances

Thursday, June 18th offers Site-specific keynote lectures and performances by researchers and artists working in the fields of sound studies and performance studies. 4 sites are carefully chosen for each lecture and performance (fluidsounds.ruc.dk). The site-specific program is open to the public and starts at 9 am. at Kastrup Søbad on Amager.

Media-specific program: Audio papers

In the workhops Friday and Saturday the 19th and 20th , the participants produce their own audio papers. Here site-specific knowledge from Amager is translated into the media specific form of an audio paper. On Sunday the participants present their audio papers.

The idea of the conference is to develop an academic presentation format using new media and sound technologies. After the conference the audio papers will be peer reviewed and published in the journal Seismograf /DMT. The various academic formats –from audio papers to site-specific lectures will be documented on the DHT blog during 2015. If you are curious how a sound production might sound, you can check out the Amager Audio Guide, produced especially for the conference by 6 master students at Performance Design.

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