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International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

DHT-researcher Lisbeth Frølunde participated in the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in May 20th-23rd at the University of Illinois, Champaign, partially funded by DHT. Lisbeth Frølunde co-presented a paper written in collaboration with Christina Hee Pedersen. The paper has co-authors Martin Novak, Masaryk University (who stayed at RUC on an Erasmus+mobility grant fall, 2014) as well […]

The fifth International Workshop on Infrastructure for Healthcare

The conference ‘The fifth International Workshop on Infrastructure for Healthcare (IHC)’ will be held on June 18-19 in Trento, Italy.  Our upcoming guest professor, Helena Karasti, and prof. Jesper Simonsen (CBIT) will be presenting the article, Supporting Clinicians in Infrastructuring. The article is based on their action research project, Patient transfer and Skill development in effect driven optimization – a subproject […]

Støtte til et Constraint Handling Rules-projekt

DHT-forskeren prof. Henning Christiansen (CBIT) har modtaget støtte på kr. 2.315.925 fra Det Frie Forskningsråd/Natur og Univers til projektet: Automatic support for Proving Confluence Modulo Equivalence for Constraint Handling Rules Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) er et programmeringssprog, som består af genskrivningsregler over mængder af logiske atomer, og CHR har bevist sin slagkraft i forhold til mange […]

Fluid sounds conference

In two weeks researchers in the fields of performance studies and sound studies will participate in the conference ‘Fluid Sounds’. Fluid Sounds is an experimental conference working with aesthetic knowledge production and new media technologies and is organized by DHT researchers Sanne Krogh Groth and Kristine Samson. The first day consists of site-specific keynote lectures […]

This is fun and games

by Alexander Mangaard (student at RUC: studying Computer Science and Psychology) Drunk in Århus. The usual suspect is at it again with his unusual shenanigans — this time it’s an Irish bar and Guinness certainly is a fine substitute for dinner. You’re hanging out with an IT admin… always nice to meet a likeminded individual. […]