Organizational change in a translation perspective seminar

Foto: Creative Commonc

Foto: Creative Commons

Scandinavian researchers exploring organizational change from a translation perspective met April 23rd and 24th to establish a research network and further develop the perspective and discuss theoretical as well as practical implications for the design of organizations and organizational change. Birgit Jæger, ISG, together with John Damm Scheuer and Peter Hagedorn-Rasmussen MIT/CBIT, organized the seminar as part of The Robust Organizational Translation Project. Participants all share an interest in translation processes related to organizational change in organizations.  To approach organizational change  with a translation lens provides us with a perspective that makes us experience other and more fine grained dimensions of organizational change as compared to when we apply mainstream theories of organizational change. Translation studies come in several disguises, especially Actor Network Theory and Scandinavian Pragmatic Institutionalism, which complemented each other during the seminar.

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