Green Design – Ecologies, Potentials and Aesthethics


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Green Design

Ecologies, Potentials and Aesthetics

A research seminar about recycling, upcycling, design and aesthetics will be held at 23 March, 2015 at 01:00-04:00 pm.


Reassembling the city: Three ecologies and urban design
Kristine Samson, associate professor, Performance Design, CBIT.

Product chain cracks and the architecture of potentials
Marcella Arruda, urbanist, architect and recycling activist from Sao Paulo.

Design as an intervener for Social Change
Janaina Teles. Ph. D. scholar. Department of Communication and Arts. Aveiro University. Portugal.

Environmental Aesthetics and Green Design Strategies inspired by Yuriko Saito
Connie Svabo, Associate Professor, Performance Design, CBIT.



Ole Erik Hansen, Associate professor, environmental planning, ENSPAC.

* Please note the following points:

The seminar will be conducted in English.

Questions about the seminar can be addressed to Connie Svabo on

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  1. Jens Friis Jensen says:

    Jeg vil gerne deltage – kommer ca 14

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