Light cultures

af Roligen T. Thirstrup

! Call for papers !

Themes: New technologies, Aesthetic and Climate Policies

Light has historically, mainly been regarded as a natural science phenomenon, such as a focus on the physiological influences of light. But light also has an impact on our daily lives, and it characterizes the urban space as well as our private home. For instance, our movements in the public space are regulated through lighting, and in many Danish homes subdued lights are associated with coziness. This conference introduces light in an aesthetic, cultural and social context and seeks to find answers to how light influences our social life. A discussion of light consumption in relation to climate policy, new lighting technologies, as well as the role of light at festivals and events will also be held at the conference.

Date: The conference will be held on 8-9th April, 2015
Deadline for abstracts (250 words): March 1st, 2015 to
Deadline for conference participation (free): March 15th, 2015 to

Venue: Roskilde University, Building 02

Key Notes: Professor Sarah Pink (RMIT)

Reader Tim Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Organizers: Associate Professor Mikkel Bille

Read more about the conference here.


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