Conference on experience design: AVA 2014


by Camilla Simonsen
The Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University is the organizer of an international conference on experience design called ‘The ballerina and the elephant’ on November 27-29 in Hong Kong.

Registration for the conference can be done from this link.

About the conference, the AVA Conference page says this:
In academic and professional discourse the commercial purpose of Experience Design and the cultural practices of the arts are commonly sharply divided; yet this tends to get confused with the methods of shaping and making sense of experience.

In practice artists can be – maybe have to be – just as coercive as designers when it comes to manipulating audience response. On the other hand many purely commercial events have, even inadvertently, created shared experiences that lodge deeply in the popular memory.

At the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, we investigate current practice and scholarship in the new field of ‘experience design’.

We now wish to expand our explorations by inviting a wider circle of practitioners and scholars to enquire into the ways in which slippery notions of ‘experience’ are shared, commodified, theorized and politicized across the spectrum of contemporary visual arts at an international, interdisciplinary conference to be held in Hong Kong from 27 to 29 November 2014 in association with Hong Kong’s Business of Design Week (BoDW 2014).

Read more and find links to the conference program and list of speakers from this site: AVA Conference 2014


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