Redesigning Exhibion Spaces

2014-05-29-XP-Lab m+©de med VSM

XP-lab. Photo: Michael Haldrup.

by Michael Haldrup
The two projects conducted as part of “Experimental (Museum) Exhibition Design” in collaboration with the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is now well underway. Several meetings and brainstorms have been conducted during the spring month’s and in May we have had constructive meetings with curators and designers. Ideas are now taking shape.

Currently we are working on a proposal for a redesign of part of the temporary exhibition (“Landgangsbroen” (“The Gangway”)) using 3D audio effects and illumination to increase visitors interactions in the exhibition space and a prototype exhibition of themes related to underwater archaeology based on the “Experience Cylinder” developed at RU.

We look forward to showing you the results later In 2014 and 2015!

Below see some pictures from “Landgangsbroen” and XP-lab:

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