On films: “Design & Thinking” and “Maker”

design and thinking4

Photo: Still from “Design & Thinking”

by Lisbeth Frølunde

I have only seen the trailers, but the two films look like good examples of conveying complex design processes through film.

The documentary film Design & Thinking (2011) poses questions such as how do we think about design in the changing landscape of business, culture and society. It is inspired by design thinking as the fine classic blend of experimenting and thinking, also known as learning by doing. The film also concerns collaboration and change and includes portraits of people in various roles and activities within organizations and their attempts at design.

A preview for Design & Thinking can be seen, and the whole movie can be rented or bought at www.designthinkingmovie.com

design and thinking3

Photo: Still from “Design & Thinking”

The film team Muris is now finalizing a follow-up effort, Maker, a documentary on the current maker movement in US – a new wave of Do-It-Yourself or Do-It-Together. Maker was of course partially funded by Kickstarter

Maker the movie can be seen at www.makerthemovie.com

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