Guest lecture with Stefania Milan



Today’s social movements rely heavily on communication technology to organize and protest. Self-organized communication infrastructures are crucial gears in the machine of dissent organizing. But how do these platforms and projects emerge, and how do they function? Who are the activists behind them? In her new book, ‘Social Movements and Their Technologies: Wiring Social Change’, Stefania Milan analyses the rise of radical internet projects and low-power radio stations as political subjects. She investigates how these projects contribute to changing the way people communicate in daily life, as well as changing communication policy from the grassroots.

When and where?
Friday 13th of December 2013: 11am at 40.2.25, RUC. Click here for a map of campus.

Jointly organized by research the priorities of Dynamics of Globalisation (cluster 2) and Power, Media and Communication at Roskilde University.

Stefania Milan is an Assistant Professor of Data Journalism at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and a fellow at the Citizen Lab, University of Toronto. Her work explores the interplay between digital technologies and society, with a focus on activism and political protest, and participatory media. She has recently founded the Data J Lab, a research lab dedicated to data journalism trends and techniques.
For further information, kindly contact Norbert Wildermuth:, 46 74 38 71, cel.: 29 86 91 01, res.: 35 55 21 36



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