Design can challenge beliefs and values

solceller - johannes jansson -

Foto: Johannes Jansson –

by Lisbeth Frølunde

Adversarial design problematizes the simplification of solution-oriented design efforts which are sometimes apply gamification, nudging and service design. A main problem is that if we miss the complexities of change, and overlook the social and political aspects, then design becomes overly focused on shallow solutions.

In the recent book Adversarial Design, author Carl DiSalvo examines the ways that technology design can provoke and engage the political. DiSalvo describes a practice, which he terms “adversarial design,” that uses the means and forms of design to challenge beliefs, values, and what is taken to be fact.

An essay in Danish by PhD Brian Due from Copenhagen University discusses Adversarial Design in a nuanced way: Design samfundskritisk

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