Anders Barlach defends his PhD about effects driven IT development

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On November 22nd, DHT researcher Anders Barlach defends his PhD about Effects Driven IT development. The defense will be held at 1pm in room 43-3.29 at RUC – see a map here: RUC campus map 

We look much forward to this, and everybody is welcome to come and listen.

PhD Abstract: Effects Driven IT development
The research in effects driven IT development (EDIT) has initiated a collaborative response between industry and healthcare providers, to the need for a connection between local initiatives and large ICT strategies.

In order to realize the potential of the information infrastructure, EDIT was applied to an Information System Development process, targeting clinical solutions, in a partnership with Danish healthcare providers using effects as the platform for collaboration.

How can effects intervene and have an impact on “real” practical settings when ICT is supplementing clinical professionals in an endeavor to improve quality, efficiency and satisfaction across organizational units and professions?

The action research investigates the different stages of the agile development cycles using EDIT. EDIT involves; effect specification and organizing these requirements, realization of effects in prototypes and pilot solutions, contemplating how learning can be made possible, taking technical and organizational factors into account towards staging a pilot implementation.

The accompanying effects measurements were evaluated both formative and summative thus creating a learning environment and enables both vendor and customers to determine, if and how, the potential improvement of clinical work can be supported.

Download the PhD thesis here or read more about Anders Barlach on his RUC-page.

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