By Connie Svabo

The school of thought called postphenomenology is useful for articulating and understanding the relationships that people develop with technologies – from everyday media to prosthetic technologies which act as interfaces between body/self and world. According to scholar Robert Rosenberger from Georgia Institute of Technology, postphenomenology has fruitful ideas about how to conceive of technologies that alter our abilities to perceive or act on the world, and how to think about technologies that are used differently by different users.

Robert Rosenberger is an assistant professor in the School of Public Policy at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Working in the philosophy of technology and philosophy of science, his approach involves refining philosophical ideas through their application to scientific research, technology design, and policy.

In a public lecture at Århus Universitet, DPU, Robert Rosenberger reviews some of the cutting-edge ideas from postphenomenology, and furthermore considers how these ideas can be integrated into STS investigations into technologies, especially those of the actor-network theory, social construction of technology, and script theory.

Details about the lecture can be seen here: Description of Lecture
– and registration is open here: Registration

Read more about Robert Rosenberger here: School of Public Policy – Georgia Institute of Technology

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