UNDP interest in Designing Human Technologies


by Connie Svabo

The UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre works with development issues in 25 countries and territories in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, and has expressed interest in the ongoing work of the Roskilde University Strategic Research Initiative Designing Human Technologies. The regional office is interested in collaboration on issues of social innovation, user innovation, activism and collective problem-solving, as well as in using media and communication technologies for development purposes. Some of the goals which the organization works for is poverty reduction and gender equality, as well as challenges related to HIV, health, environment and disaster management.

UNDP Digital Engagement and Innovation Consultant Justyna Król contacted Designing Human Technologies on the basis of what she had read on the web, and she and I have had an initial skype meeting about common interests and potential collaboration between the UNDP and Roskilde University. Justyna Krol particularly expresses interest in working for empowerment through action-based research and participatory design on issues of sustainability and urban development. Several RUC environments spring to mind as relevant in this respect – for example mobility and urban studies, innovation studies and environmental dynamics. The further plan is to continue the dialogue and perhaps develop projects for collaboration.

Stay posted if you are a Roskilde University researcher who is interested in collaboration with UNDP in Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.


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