‘Situated Design Methods’ – a success going to print

by Camilla Simonsen


Pages for ‘Situated Design Methods’ – now in print.

You cannot count your chickens before they hatch, and neither can we tell the success of a book before it is in stores – but right now ‘Situated Design Methods’ is going to print, and the preliminary reviews are very promising.

‘Situated Design Methods’ consists of 20 chapters written by 27 researchers from the Strategic University Research Initiative ‘Designing Human Technologies’ and from the Humasistic-Technological bachelor Studies. MIT Press, probably the best esteemed publisher in the areas of design and methods, are very positive in their reviews of the manuscript so far. Hence, the editor writes, that “This is going to be a superb book and I fully expect it to have lasting impact. It’s a perfect fit for the Press and the Design Thinking series.”

The book is a follow-up to ‘Design Research’, known as the ‘Red Book’ by students at the Humasistic-Technological bachelor Studies at RUC, and focus on the methods that the Humanistic Technological students often request. The book is estimated to be ready to buy in stores in the summer of 2014.

The manuscript front page.

The manuscript front page.

Extracts from the reviews from MIT Press’ reviewing team can be seen below:


Extracts from reviews

· “I have been aware of and appreciated the work of the people at Roskilde University […] for a long time. Their unique experimental attitude both toward curricula and how to construct successful interdisciplinary activities has an international reputation, one justified in my view.”

· “I particularly trust the basing of such views in the tradition of Participatory Design, a form of design in relation to which Roskilde scholars have made a substantial contribution.”

· “To the best of my knowledge, it is original.”

· “[T]he project can make a major contribution to a developing field.”

· “[P]roviding the breadth and coverage that have not previously been presented in the design field.”

· “In other words its originality and scholarship are important in the way it will offer a breadth not currently available.”

· “I will look forward to reading it as well as assigning it, or at least sections of it to my students.”

· “I’m eager to actually use this book and I hoping to see it in print ASAP.”


Quick facts ABOUT ‘Situated Design Methods’:

· The manuscript for the book contained 188 files and filled 207 MB.
· It was submitted for the publisher one whole day before the deadline.
· It consists of 20 chapters written by 27 researchers within the field of ‘Designing Human Technologies’ and HumTek.
· The book is estimated to be in stores in the summer of 2014.


Below are some photos from the Finished Manuscript-reception at RUC 17.09.2013 (click on each photo for better size).

test DSC_5487 DSC_5521 DSC_5520 DSC_5517 DSC_5500

More photos can be seen here: Book reception: Celebrating finished manuscript.

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