Network for Design of robust organizational change

by Peter Hagedorn-Rasmussen

‘The only constant is change’ – Almost any organizations today continuously find themselves in a state of change. Managers and employees engage in changes and put energy into creating organizations that are known for sustainability, quality, efficiency etc. Some thrive with the fluidity that follows with change while other finds it difficult to make sense of it.

The Network for Design of robust organizational change wants to bring practitioners and researchers together in order to produce new knowledge to mutual benefit. At our events we want to explore what design, robustness and organizational change really mean. We are going to explore the interrelatedness of these practical concepts. Right now we are designing the program. Some of the themes that may be in focus of our common exploration at the events could be: How to design situated change for robust organizations? – What does it take to create robust organizational change in the health care sector? or There is nothing like a good practical theory – but what makes a good theory and how is it translated into robust organizational change?

The network will be launched in the fall. If you are a ‘reflexive practitioner’ or researcher within the field of organizational change: Keep informed by following this blog.


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