PhD Course: Designing Human Technologies May 26-28 2013


by Connie Svabo

Designing Human Technologies is a broad (participatory) design-oriented research field with a central human principle of participation and ethical concerns. Common goals of research activities in this field include being constructive, and solution oriented in close dialogue with citizens and users. Deep analyses of how designs are used and enter into the daily life of their users as well as innovative design solutions are at the core of this course. The human principle includes involving users and central interest groups in the design and in the evaluation of the design artifact’s ability to meet the goals. Technology is understood in a broad sense including information and communication technologies, mobile technologies, sustainable environmental technologies, energy technologies, technologies for design in urban, nature, or spatial settings.

We meet to discuss our experience in relation to doctoral work in this rich and diverse field.


The course is a blend of lectures and discussions in small groups. In groups of five PhD students and one faculty, each PhD student presents a paper and receives feedback from the others. Invited lectures by senior academics present key theories and/or novel approaches within the rich and diverse field of design human technologies.


“Søminestationen” (

Roskilde University’s field station “Søminestationen” is beatifully located by Isefjorden within a small forest, and fairly accessible by public transportation.


Professor Jesper Simonsen , CBIT

Associate Professor Keld Bødker, CBIT

One Comment to "PhD Course: Designing Human Technologies May 26-28 2013"

  1. Keld Bødker says:

    I just emailed to all participants the final instructions for transportation – especially the last part: You will be picked up at Copenhagen Airport Sunday 26. May at 12.00 (meeting point: Starbucks in Terminal 3 just outside the baggage claim area).

    Looking forward to seeing you, Keld

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