Finn Kensing member of Advisory Board

by Connie Svabo

Finn Kensing, Professor, Dr. Scient. at Department of Computer Science and Director of Center for IT Innovation, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He has conducted research on participatory design since the late 70s, first in one of the pioneering Scandinavian trade union projects, later also with management, IT-professionals and users. Currently he focuses on participatory design research in order to improve communication and collaboration in the network of patients and health care professionals. He has published in e.g. Communication of the ACM, Human-Computer Interactions, the CSCW journal, International Journal of Medical Informatics, and Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. He is a co-author of Andersen et al. Professional Systems Development, Prentice Hall, and of Bødker et al. Participatory IT Design, MIT Press.

Finn Kensing

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