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Designing Human Technologies

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Designing Human Technologies is a design-oriented Strategic Research Initiative supporting Roskilde University’s new Humanities and Technology bachelor programme (‘HumTek’). The research initiative involves many researchers from different departments and research groups at Roskilde University through a shared interdisciplinary research and educational collaboration.

Purpose and strategy

  • to establish and strengthen a common research identity at RUC, comprising all academic resources with design interests
  • by carrying out joint research projects across research groups and departments
  • hereby also supporting the development of new graduate and PhD programmes targeting the HumTek area

Three main areas

The research initiative addresses three issues/themes. Common to all three themes is a concern for the ethical aspects, through which researchers can explicate their reasons for and opinions on research activities and findings. Two of the themes refer to application areas (“Development and design of socio-technical systems” and “Aesthetics, experience and learning“), the third theme cuts across application areas (“Design as a scientific method“). Read about the three main areas here:


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Designing Human Technologies consists of several research projects within the three focus areas Development and design of socio-technical systemsAesthetics, experience and learning, and Design as a Scientific method. The twelve major research projects are:

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